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International Students and Scholars

While on approved OPT, an F-1 student is required to report the following events within 10 days of any change:

Students should also submit to [email protected] a copy of their EAD card upon receipt of the document in the mail.

If you are unable to log into your SEVP Portal account, please ask OISSS for assistance.

Additional Reporting Requirements for STEM Extension Students

Immigration regulations require that OISSS verifies whether or not any F-1 student on an approved STEM extension is participating in the employment every 6 months after the STEM extension begins. Please reply in a timely manner to emails from OISSS requesting verification so that your employment can be reported in SEVIS. Failure to respond may result in the termination of your F-1 SEVIS record.

Students on the STEM Extension are also required to submit an annual self-evaluation (page 5 of the I-983 Form) signed by their employer to OISSS after their first year on the STEM Extension and again at the end of their STEM Extension (either after the second year, or earlier if they change status or stop using OPT). It is the student's responsibility to remember to submit the self-evaluation to OISSS in a timely manner.