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International Students and Scholars

Healthcare in the U.S., while achieving a high standard of care, can be very costly. Most U.S. citizens, permanent residents and non-immigrant status holders cover the costs of healthcare by obtaining health insurance. Unlike many countries around the world, U.S. health insurance is privatized. Except for certain government programs (i.e. Medicare), the U.S. government does not provide health insurance directly to individuals, and most Brown students and scholars obtain health insurance through Brown University or other private insurance companies.

Mandatory Health Insurance

Brown University requires that all international students residing in the U.S. in F or J visa status maintain health insurance throughout their academic program.

J-1 Exchange Visitors and J-2 dependents

Immigration regulations mandate that all J-1 Exchange Visitors and J-2 dependents maintain health insurance throughout the “J” program. If you willingly fail to maintain health insurance, your J-1 sponsor must terminate your program and report to the U.S. Department of State. At that time, you will be deemed “out-of-status” and ineligible for extension of stay, employment, or change of status.

Brown University Health Insurance

Brown University students will be enrolled in the Brown University Student Health Insurance Plan. If you have questions regarding benefits, ID cards, and general service issues, please contact the Brown University Student Health Insurance Office. All students need to have health insurance. You may waive out of the Brown University Student Health Insurance Plan if comparable coverage is provided by an alternate insurance plan. For questions regarding waiving the Brown Univerisity Health Insurance please see link above.

Brown University Student Health Services

Brown University Health Services provides services to students* which include, medical appointments, 24/7 medical advice, Emergency Medical Services, pharmacy and health education. To schedule an appointment, visit the Health Services website or call 401-863-3953.

*Please note: Brown University Health Services is only available to students enrolled at Brown. Spouses and children are not eligible to use Brown Student Health Services.