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June 3, 2021

Reminder to Report Any Change to U.S. Residential Address and U.S. Phone Number

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Dear International Students,

As an F-1/J-1 student you are required to report changes to your U.S. Physical address and U.S. Phone number within 10 days of the change. 
Changes should be reported in your OISSS Gateway student profile:
When you have reached your User Home Page, please click the 
Edit Profile Button, then click the Information Tab and enter your U.S. Phone Number in the following format without dashes or special characters (ex. 4018632427 ). 
Make sure to click the Update Button, then click on the Address Info Tab and Verify your SEVIS U.S. Physical Address
If your address is not there or if you need to change your address please click the Edit (Pencil Icon) to enter and update your SEVIS U.S. Physical Address.
Please note:
Undergraduate Students living On-Campus/ should be listing their address exactly as follows:
69 Brown ST, Box # (list your box number)
Brown University
Undergraduate Students living Off-Campus, and all Graduate Students should list where they are physically residing and should use the USPS tool linked below to make sure the format of the address being entered is USPS Compliant.
Reminder: For students living off campus, please do not list your department address or your campus mail box. You are required to provide your actual U.S. residential address.