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International Students and Scholars

Brown University is required to comply with United States immigration and tax law when issuing payments to foreign nationals.  To comply with these requirements and to process your payment(s) as quickly as possible, you must enter specific data pertaining to your immigration and tax status into FNIS.  You are also required to provide the following documents that apply to your Visa status in order to verify your information that you have entered into the FNIS data base: Copy of passport, passport stamps, I-94, Copy of Visa, Copy of  DS-2019, I-20 or I-797 depending on your visa type.

OISSS and the Controller’s Office are not in a position to provide individualized tax advice.

Required Steps


1) Request a username and password

  • Send an email to requesting a username and password.
  • Your e-mail should contain your full legal name, and e-mail address.

Access FNIS at this link:  :


2)  Provide all necessary documents that apply to your Visa type

  • Copy of Visa  (All Visa Types except for the WB Visa Waiver, which is obtained by completing an ESTA application)
  • Copy of Passport and Passport Stamps  (All Visa Types including Visa Waiver)
  • Copy of I-94 (All Visa Types – you can retrieve your information at the following link Click on tab that reads get most recent I-94. 
  • DS-2019 (J-1 Visa Only)
  • I-20   (F-1 Visa Only) – If you are on OPT you will also need to provide a copy of your EAD card front/back if you have not received the EAD card you will need to provide your approval letter.
  • I-797 form (H1-B Visa,  O Visa, P Visa)


3) Enter the requested information in FNIS

  • Upon entering FNIS, you must click the consent button.
  • Please complete all of the necessary information for Steps 1 – 6.
  • The information on page 5 relates to your entry and exit dates for current status and earlier visits to the United States.
  • Confirm the accuracy of the data entered on page 6.


4.) Wait for the Controller’s Email

  • You will receive an email from the Controller’s Office notifying you when your tax forms have been uploaded to your FNIS Account. 
  • Follow the instructions you receive from the Controller’s email.
  • Please allow up to seven business days for the analysis to be completed.


5) Review, sign, and date the available tax forms

  • Log into FNIS review, sign, and date all of the tax forms and return them electronically to
  • Notify the department who is providing payment to you, that FNIS has been completed.

Compatibility with Internet Browsers

  • Windows users should use Internet Explorer or Firefox as your web browser when using FNIS.
  • Macintosh users should use Firefox as your web browser.
  • Linux is currently unsupported.
  • Do NOT use SAFARI as your web browser as you will not be able to complete FNIS if using Safari.